We acquire and sustainably grow underrated businesses as independent sponsors.

Our multidisciplinary team of investors, entrepreneurs, and operators, has created substantial value for others.

$10.47B Cumulative revenue growth through our strategies

$1.27B Cumulative savings (EBITDA) improvement

$1.22B Working capital improvement

47 Full-Time Executives Placed

~10K Total Jobs Saved/Rationalized

97 Executives Coached

09 Mergers and Exits Led

07 Investments Made

03 Unicorns Accelerated

Our Investment Sweetspot

Revenue Generating

We invest in business generating between $20M to $100M in revenue annually

History of Profitability

Businesses that have proven the ability to generate between $2M to $10M in profit (EBITDA)

We Do Our Best Work With:

Companies in Transition We can help you, as the owner, transition out of the business and/or retire with peace-of-mind that all that you’ve worked so hard to build will continue to flourish

Growth Challenged If you’re a business that is stuck, under-capitalized, and/or lagging behind your competitors, we can level you up

Turnarounds Are you experiencing negative cash-flow or operational distress? We can help bring stability to the business and ultimately retool it to grow (even in industries falling out of favor)

High Performers with Growth Potential You may find that your business is doing well, but your management and capital are stretched thin. We can help carve-out non-core businesses and ensure that cash is re-invested wisely

Asset Heavy Companies We specialize in managing businesses that hold on to expensive, stable assets and can help you utilize them fully to facilitate growth

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Our Favorite Industries

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Consumer Products

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Industrial Manufacturing

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Industrial Services

We know what it feels like to sell a business, so we've made it as easy as possible for you.

You've worked hard to build your business, and you have choices. You can work with another private equity and go through the typical process or consider the Amalgam Capital alternative–which is built on trust, professional respect, and thoughtful guidance for continued value creation.

Whatever your motives are to sell your business–or seek an investment–the process should be painless and straightforward. Whether you would like to stay with the business going forward or move to your next venture, we're committed to being true partners in the journey ahead.

Traditional Private Equity Process

  • Hire an Investment Banker / Broker - 1 Month
  • Build and Populate Data Room - 1 Month
  • Buyers Outreach - 2 Months
  • The Dog and Pony Show - 1 Month
  • Term Sheets + Negotiations + LOI - 2 Months
  • Due Diligence - 1-2 Months
  • Q&As + Renegotiations - 1 Month
  • Closing - 1-2 Months <50% Probability

Total Time: 300-365 Days

Next 5 years

Your business is a reporting machine, your employees are unhappy, and you're locked into unreasonable earn-outs.

Amalgam Capital Process

  • The Business Statement – A Letter by You
  • Expression of Interest – A Letter by Us - 1 Day
  • Analysis of Business - 2-5 Days
  • A Fair Offer from Us - 1 Day
  • The Handshake - 2-3 Days
  • Closing - 8-10 Weeks

Total Time: 75 Days

Next 3 Years

We work together to sustainably grow your business and deliver the next exit event with wins for both you and your employees

What do we need from you to get started?

Business Statement

Send us an letter explaining your competitive advantage. Some examples of the things we're looking for: A dominant brand, a large and loyal community, a niche vertical, or something similar with 5+ years of operating history.


Share your historical financials. We're primarily looking for a profitability benchmark between $2.0M to $10M per year.

Future Plans

Tell us about your desires for the future of the business. Would you like to continue to run it or would you like to transition out? If you would like to stay, how do you see growing the business and where do you see the opportunities?

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